Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie

The Wynn-with Smoothie is a real fruit smoothie, blending the goodness of a thick and creamy yoghurt with real fruit. We only use the best ingredients, and our fruit pulp is made from the finest fruit, some our berries are even imported from Europe.


With a lovey grainy texture, some pips and fibre, the Wynn-with smoothie is bound to fill you up with the goodness of dairy and fruits.



• Strawberry & Banana

• Mango & Granadilla

• Tropical

• Mixed Berry



·        Keep refrigerated

·        Shake well, Serve cold

·        Once opened, use within 3 days

·        45 Day Shelf life



·        Made with REAL FRUIT (you can even see the pips)

·        Used as a snack or breakfast on the go

·        Ideal lunch box addition

·        Fat Free, with a creamy texture

·        New market entry

·        Limited other Smoothies in the market

·        Shelf Life: 45 days

 ·        SANHA Halaal approved

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