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Wynn-With Milk Farm is a local dairy, producing fresh Holstein milk. With products such as milk, drinking yoghurt, cream, buttermilk and Amasi. 


Wynn-With Milk Farm is located on the farm Rockridge near the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Area. Mr. Wynn Dedwith is the owner and founder of Wynn-With Milk Farm and has been involved in the production of milk since the 1940's.  Wynn-With still remains a family run business and in keeping with this tradition regards all of its employees as part of the bigger family.


Wynn-With has been in business for over 21 years and has grown from humble beginnings with only delivering milk locally in the Vaal Triangle and surrounding to becoming a true market contender. The market for fresh quality milk has grown and Wynn-With has grown with this demand always priding itself by delivering a superior product.


Wynn-With still milks its very own Holstein Herd in an award winning Dairy that delivers top quality milk. Raw milk intake is supplemented by neighbouring farmers in the surrounding district, and all dairy farmers that supply Wynn-With with milk must adhere to the same strict quality control standard that our own milk is subjected to and kept by.




Wynn Dedwith (owner), Bronwyn Dedwith, Megan Dedwith, Devin Dedwith and Reece Dedwith (Manager).







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