The Wynn-with milk Story

At Wynn-with Milk Farm we do not only produce milk, we have our own milk story. From producing the feed for our cows, to dispatching the milk to you, the consumer.

By doing this we ensure that our cows get the best feed, they are taken care of, and that our milk is produced at the best quality, meeting the quality, standards set by regulation.


 We plant our own crops to produce silage and maize for our 250 cows on the farm, ensuring that they get a healthy and nutritious diet, because healthy cows gives us the great tasting creamy milk that we provide to you.

Our cows are then milked three times a day, with our star cow producing up to 57 litres of milk per day.

Pasteurisation takes place in our factory to ensure that the milk is bacteria free and hygienic then homogenised, this is to spread the creamy fast throughout the milk. When producing cream, after separation the cream is also pasteurised.

After our milk is safely pasteurised, we produce our various dairy products including

·        Gourmet  Drinking Yoghurt

·        Smooth Drinking yoghurt

·        Amasi

·        Cream

·        Buttermilk

Our milk is then stored in our cold room at 3°C, until it gets dispatched within 24 hours to you, our clients.


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